Successful Student Business

One group of students in our Work 4 A Living program has set a new record for money earned during the course. This group thought outside the box and came up with an idea that is new to Jinja. In our course, we teach them basic business principles such as book keeping, marketing, etc and most importantly, to just start. Many people don’t start businesses because they believe that they need huge amounts of capital to begin. We teach them to start with what God has put in their hand. We put students in groups and give them 20,000 Ugandan Shillings ($5.50) to start a business that they run for the rest of the program. We have classes until 1pm and then they run their business for the rest of the day. They end up running their business for 8 half days or 4 full-days.

This group bought fruit and put together very nice looking fruit trays. They sold these during the day and then sold chips (french fries) in the evening.

They were able to turn 20,000 shillings ($5.50) into 189,500 shillings ($53) of profit in the equivalent of 4 full-days. That is almost 10 times their starting capital! If they ran this business for a full month, they could have earned 1,000,000 ($300). That is four times the the average income in Uganda of 250,000! Well done guys!