So Thankful!

Have you ever been given something and you really wanted to show your gratitude, but you just couldn’t find the appropriate words? Well, this is exactly how I’m feeling.

Our family has been so incredibly blessed by several friends and family members coming to visit us over the past three months. Our home was full of visitors the entire three months with the exception of a couple of weeks. Please don’t misunderstand me…I wouldn’t trade a single second of our guests being with us, but by the three months end we were exhausted! Our last guests, two dear friends of ours from back home, were given some money by their friends at their church. The instructions given by the generous friends were…you’ll know what to do with it. So, our friends gave us the money to go on a much needed family vacation. Can I just tell you what an overwhelming feeling that is to be given something you need so badly at JUST the right time?! Thank you friends at Loving Baptist Church for your unbelievable generosity that was an answer to our prayers!

I’d like to share with you what we did on our little family getaway!

Our first two nights were spent at a quiet little place called Banana Village. It was full of curious little monkeys, beautiful grounds and a relaxing pool! On our first full day we visited the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, also known as the Entebbe Zoo. I have to admit I had very low expectations for this place, but I was pleasantly surprised! We had such a great time there and the exhibits were amazing!


IMG_3268IMG_3285IMG_3276After we left the zoo, we headed to the equator! Yes, the actual equator!!! It was our first time to the Southern Hemisphere, except Klint. He visited Brazil several years ago. It’s basically a stripe across the highway and through a cute little café. They have these bowls set up to demonstrate the Coriolis Effect, where water drains clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and counter clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. They say that it doesn’t operate on such small scale, only large weather systems….but we saw it for our own eyes! The bowl ON the equator just sucks straight down! Maybe they have it rigged, but it was neat, nonetheless!


IMG_3353IMG_3321The next day we boarded a large wooden boat and traveled approximately 30 miles out into Lake Victoria to Banda Island where we spent the weekend! This place is amazing!!! Most accommodation on the island was tent camping, but we were in these cute little one-room cottages. The girls had one and we had the other. It felt just like being on an island out in the ocean…just minus the salt water and sharks! There were waves, sandy beaches and crystal clear water to enjoy! Klint and I spent a lot of time relaxing and reading while the girls played on the beach and swam. Klint, Paytyn and I even got to water ski and wakeboard!!!! I thought it might be years before we could do that again! We enjoyed great food and amazing sunrises and sunsets as well as spectacular stars at night! The Milky Way was absolutely brilliant!!! We really enjoyed the other people that were spending the weekend on the island as well. They were from Belgium, Holland, Australia and only one other American…other than us! We loved them!

It really does look like the can't see land!

Our sweet family at sunset!






We were able to really rest and relax as a family. It enabled us to recharge and get ready to focus on the next steps of our ministry. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, dear friends at Loving Baptist Church!!! Thank you to Chris & Meegan Weaver for knowing what to do with the money given to you. It truly was an answer to prayer and such a blessing to our family!

Thank you so much from the Ostermann family!!!