Meet Hank

Meet our new male goat, Hank Thunderman!

We have a goat project on our farm for several purposed: to generate income to make the farm sustainable, to provide manure to feed our crops, and to teach goat herd management practices. The goats we have on the farm were donated by our friends at Give a Goat. The breeding male we had had already bred the goats, and his offspring were getting old enough to breed so we needed a new male.

Hank is a 100% Boer goat that we will use in a cross-breeding program to get better quality genetics in our herd. This is important because the crossbred goats get bigger faster, but maintain the disease resistant features of the local goat herds.

By the way, all of our male goats are named after TV dads. The previous male was Tony Soprano, and this one is named after the dad on a show our girls like called The Thundermans.