Meet Andrew!

Hello my name is Mulondo Andrew. I am 26 years old and am working with the Jinja Business Development Center and also facilitating the service and hospitality program under Work 4 A Living. Before joining Heart for Uganda, I worked in service and I was terrible! With time, through business school, training and experience, I gained confidence and service became a gift. I later became a coffee barista but had more interest in service excellence, so I juggled the two. I learned about Work 4 A Living and I was overwhelmed with how it was changing lives, so I went through the service and hospitality and Work 4 A Living classes

Mulondo Andrew

I am so inspired with the programs that Heart for Uganda is running because they changed my life. During the course we were required to start businesses, but not all were students were business elites. This meant lots of business problems like financial management, human resource, accounting, marketing etc. We have reach out to other business owners and they too have the same issues.

Fact is, Ugandan businesses need more help, in terms of business mentoring. Yes, we love business. We work so had to have start-ups but having them sustained is big a challenge. That’s why the Jinja Business Development center is a final piece in seeing the unending business challenges get solutions.

We at the JinjaBDC have setup a number of business workshop topics, fit to help startups and small businesses work their way to having sustainable businesses.

As a result of successfully completing the Jinja Business Development mentoring workshops, mentees should be able to articulate a worldview of businesses operated on ethical principles, and explain their calling to business as entrepreneurs. They will describe the character and competence of an ethical business person and articulate a personal plan to continually learn and grow in both business and knowing God. They will design a business with a unique value proposition whose parts work together to achieve their business goals. They will have the ability to win more customers based on their value proposition and to satisfy customers before, during and after the sale.

At the end, our mentees will be able to demonstrate competence, ethical business behavior as they start and grow in businesses. Now this is greatest gift to the Ugandan struggling economy. An opportunity to help Ugandan have more income generating options to help with their day to day livelihoods. Not to forget, all thanks goes back to our friends and families that are making the Jinja BDC possible by supporting Heart for Uganda! Thank you and God bless you!