Jennifer the Photographer

I meet a lot of really interesting people while serving with Sole Hope…Like A LOT! It’s one of my favorite things about serving with them. I even met a lady that was born in the same tiny small town hospital as me, can you even believe that?! So, a couple of months ago I met Kate. She was attending a clinic that I was serving at. Kate has one of those personalities that just attracts you to her. We started learning a little bit about one another, the usual “Where are you from, what do you do here?” things.  Hers was so different than anything I had ever heard before. Kate shared with me that she founded an organization called Picture Change. The heart of Picture Change is to empower individuals to discover innate creativity, develop self-confidence and picture change in their lives and in their community through photography. She also shared that she has been to Montenegro, Nicaragua and Uganda to share her vision. You can learn more about what Kate does at

She then asked me if I knew anyone that would like to learn photography and join her class. I instantly thought of Jennifer! Jennifer attended our Work 4 A Living class a few months ago and impressed Klint so much that he hired her to teach the Work 4 A Living classes and she is rocking it! I thought of Jennifer because she shows such initiative in everything she does. I just knew she’d be great at this and I was right!

Jennifer attended the Picture Change course and picked up photography very quickly. Many times when I would run into Kate around town, she would tell me how great Jennifer was doing and about the fun photo shoots they had gone on together! I was so proud of Jennifer, but not surprised at all that she was excelling at this challenge.

After the students completed their course, Kate threw the most amazing gallery show that you have ever seen! Each student had their work displayed so artfully on pallets where gallery goers could walk around and choose photos to purchase. The R&B King of Uganda, Maro, performed and took the photo gallery from show to dance party! It…was…awesome!

Jennifer did so well in this course and fell in love with photography so hard; we just had to find a way for her to have her very own camera. Klint reached out to a donor and they generously provided at Canon T6 for her to continue her photography skills with! Praise God for such selfless people! Jennifer now has plans to begin her own photography business doing family portraits. We are so very proud of her and so thankful for you, Kate!