First of “The” Talks

We live three houses down from Vicki’s parents and spend quite a bit of time with them.  They are always available to watch the kids when we need a sitter.  In fact, we’ve only had an actual babysitter three times in the last 10 years.  We are very blessed to have them around and so involved with our kids.  Because we are so close to them and the girls are so attached to them we were anxious to break the news to them that we would be moving to Uganda.

Another thing that made us nervous is the fact that Vicki’s dad doesn’t handle change very well.  He used to move furniture back whenever his mom would rearrange furniture when he was a kid.  He is still complaining about First Baptist Church in Archer City taking out the organ and podium.  He hated the time we lived in Oklahoma because he absolutely loves Texas.

We decided that our strategy would be just break the news to them that we would be going on a mission trip to Uganda in November and then break the news to them at a later time.  I ended up going off script and told them that we would be scouting Uganda out for a permanent move.  Her parents could not have been more supportive, though her dad was fairly quiet.  It will take him a little while to process the fact that we will be moving his grandchildren 8,000 miles away.  It is so nice to have godly parents that understand the eternal reality of our salvation!